Fund the 8% – Part 2

Great coverage on The One Show tonight 22 March 2017 with school funding being the lead item: Look East Wednesday 22 March 2017 see 1 minute into the broadcast. – More coverage of the school funding 12 minutes into the BBC Lunchtime news 22/03/17.  Never before has a Government seen this kind of sustained opposition […]

Interesting News Stories

Top state schools ‘dominated by richest families’ – There’s no such thing as ‘British values’ – Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland all teach different things.  Sir Tim Brighouse. 1 March 2017 –

Fund the 8%

There is something of a “secondary head teachers’ spring” going on in Essex. This is a respectable and polite uprising, but it is giving MPs some very difficult homework over how schools in England are funded against the Headteachers’ campaign slogan “Fund the 8%”.