Fund the 8% – Part 2

Great coverage on The One Show tonight 22 March 2017 with school funding being the lead item:

Look East Wednesday 22 March 2017 see 1 minute into the broadcast. –

More coverage of the school funding 12 minutes into the BBC Lunchtime news 22/03/17.  Never before has a Government seen this kind of sustained opposition from normally compliant Headteachers. –

Prime Minister’s Question Time – May v Corbyn – Wednesday 22 March 2016. –

Head teachers from 3,000 schools in England write to the government over schools’ funding squeeze –

Jeremy Clifton-Brown leads Tory backbench rebellion on school underfunding (1:16:00 minutes into the broadcast and Heads and David Law speak out against the NFF (1:48:00) –

Southend Echo starts a petition to save schools

Sandbach school funding protest by parents
School funding plans spark passionate protests
School funding plans spark passionate protests
 Parents protest over school funding –
 School funding ‘crisis’ warning
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