Fund the 8% – Part 2

Fund the 8% – Part 2

More news on the Fund the 8% campaign

The Department for Education has been criticised for repeatedly misusing statistics on school funding and performance.:

The UK’s statistics watchdog says it has “serious concerns” about the DFE’s use of figures.:

Lies, damn lies and statistics:

School funding ‘exaggerated’ by ministers, says watchdog:

Need to know: 1,000 heads march on Downing Street | Tes News:
Headteachers to petition Downing Street: ‘There’s nothing left to cut’:

Head teachers explain funding protest to parents:

Government ‘in denial’ over severe budget pressures facing schools, headteachers say:

£20bn NHS funding boost poses ‘severe challenges’ for schools, expert says:


Schools cutting posts amid ‘funding catastrophe’

Schools are still struggling with budget cuts, despite government reassurance, it is claimed.

Selective schools make no difference to GCSE results, study says | –

Northern children ‘too often left behind’, says commissioner

The children’s commissioner says those from poorer homes face an education gap which grows over time.

“Money grows on the tree of persistence” from @BarlowCaroline | Headteachers’ Roundtable

Eight out of 10 academies in deficit, say accountants

Figures from 450 academies suggest looming insolvency, says a report.

School class sizes in England ‘rising due to funding cuts’ –

46.10 minutes into the Daily Politics programme 30 Jan 18 – Jules White raises the under-funding issue.

Heads warn of ‘chronic’ funding shortages –

Top academy schools sound alarm as cash crisis looms –

40,000 children trapped in ‘zombie’ academy schools – –

16-19 Funding (pdf)    Education funding Ocotber 2017

Funding and social mobility –

Primary in Theresa May’s constituency asks parents for £1 a day to help buy pens:

 The Times Disagrees:

Corbyn and May cross swords over the funding Campaign – 12 minutes and 40 seconds into the clip from 12mins 40 sec

Tuesday 14 November: ASHE joins with 24 other regions to present a funding letter to the Chancellor:

Mass lobby of parliament against cuts to school funding | News, Press release | News | UNISON National:

School staff to march on parliament over funding cuts:

Does the Government value education?:

You want to shout: Stop saying that! Look at your own school funding figures!’

What makes a quiet and successful headteacher challenge the government and write to 2.5m families about the unfairness of school funding?”:

Meridian news last night in support of the funding campaign 4 Oct 2017.:

Being a teenage mum ‘saved me’, says Labour’s shadow education secretary:

Angela Rayner: Full text of Labour Conference 2017 speech:

Angela Rayner: Full text of Labour Conference 2017 speech

Greening’s conference speech 2017: the 6 key announcements:

Justin Greening Speech to the Conservative Conference:

Tuition fee changes ‘to save students £15,700’

Raising the point for repaying fees will save students thousands – and cost the government billions.

Third of state schools in cash deficit

With warnings over school funding shortages, figures show more than 9,000 in England are in deficit.

Look at 45 minutes into the programme and see Jules arguing the case for more funding:

Queen’s Speech: Grammar school expansion abandoned –

Heads warn parents of ‘cash-starved schools’ –

City Academy Hackney Secondary School Forced To Reduce Lessons By 30 Minutes Every Day To Cope With Tory Cuts

This is Jules White speaking about school funding:

Andrew James (Chase High School) interviewed on Radio 4 today.  The coverage is 35 and 77 minutes into the broadcast. Luke Sibieta from IFS is also interviewed on school funding.

Schools worse off under Conservatives, says IFS

Independent think tank the IFS says schools will fare worse financially under the Conservatives

ASHE thanks Heads for sending the Doorstep Questions letter to parents.  An article is also on the TES. –

Tackle candidates on school cuts, heads ask parents

BBC Radio 4 World at One – the funding situation in Cornwall –

Jules White and Michael Ferry (West Sussex Headteachers) stress the need to address school underfunding: 

Angela Rayner and Michael Gove exchange words over school underfunding:

Gordon Farquhar and Simon Thompson speak on BBC Essex Radio today (08/05/17) on school underfunding – see link below approximately 1:07:00 into the broadcast. –

Jeremy Corbyn pledges to plug ‘school funding black hole’

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn tells head teachers he will plug a £3bn gap in school funding in England.

Food bank network provides record level of support

A network of food banks says it has delivered record levels of emergency supplies.

School funding: Shorter school week should be considered, say head teachers

Introducing a four-and-a-half day week in England would be a last resort, head teachers say.

School cutbacks put ‘education system at risk’

Head teachers say government required savings risk destabilising education.

Ministers are accused of wasting millions on cancelled or closed free schools. (BBC) –

Music, modern languages and drama are among the subjects facing cuts, teachers say. (BBC) –

A teachers’ union conference is told of a school unable to afford heating costs. (BBC)

The National Union of Teachers backs strike action over spending cuts in England’s schools. (BBC)–

Almost a fifth of parents have been asked to set up direct debits for schools in funding squeeze. –

Music, modern languages and drama are among the subjects facing cuts, teachers say.

Article in the Independent – A third of schools using money meant for poorest pupils to cover budget shortagesGovernment funding intended to help the country’s most disadvantaged children is being used to plug holes in insufficient school budgets, as schools face the most drastic cuts to spending in decades. –

Scathing report from MPs.

BBC report on the PAC findings:

Public Accounts Committee report:

Public Accounts Committee report:

MPs say a school funding crisis in England must be tackled as a “matter of urgency”. –

Great coverage on The One Show tonight 22 March 2017 with school funding being the lead item:

Look East Wednesday 22 March 2017 see 1 minute into the broadcast. –

More coverage of the school funding 12 minutes into the BBC Lunchtime news 22/03/17.  Never before has a Government seen this kind of sustained opposition from normally compliant Headteachers. –

Prime Minister’s Question Time – May v Corbyn – Wednesday 22 March 2016. –

Head teachers from 3,000 schools in England write to the government over schools’ funding squeeze –

Jeremy Clifton-Brown leads Tory backbench rebellion on school underfunding (1:16:00 minutes into the broadcast and Heads and David Law speak out against the NFF (1:48:00) –

Southend Echo starts a petition to save schools

Sandbach school funding protest by parents
School funding plans spark passionate protests
School funding plans spark passionate protests
 Parents protest over school funding –
 School funding ‘crisis’ warning

Association of Secondary Headteachers Essex