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What Changes Will your School be Making to Improve This Year?:

Greening: Treasury sees education as cost not investment:

DFE caught adding tuition fees to school funding claims:

HMCI commentary: curriculum and the new education inspection framework:

The day my husband was suspended from headship:

Lord Agnew resigns as Inspiration Trust director:

The exclusion of an autistic boy after he hit a teaching assistant with a ruler, punched her and pulled her hair, was ‘unlawful’. School exclusion of autistic boy unlawful, judge rules
Exclusive: Sharp rise in DfE and Ofsted tension over new inspection plans:
A Level Results 2018 :

How many more to come out of the woodwork?:

English schools are broken. Only radical action will fix them. Melissa Benn:

Grammar schools: Thousands of new places created:

It’s worse than Carillion: our outsourced schools are leaving parents frozen out | Aditya Chakrabortty

There will be food and fun for 30,000 children – but campaigners warn much more needs to be done: School holiday hunger cash a ‘great first step’
There is a “Wild West” approach to the education provided for pupils who have been excluded, MPs say.: Excluded pupils ‘abandoned by schools’
The IGCSE: if it’s good enough for Eton, why not for our local schools? | Fiona Millar:

DfE costs, spend and value for money

DfE running costs

Tragedy of our lost boys: IAIN DUNCAN SMITH says it’s time we rescued the deprived ethnic group that’s stayed under the radar… poor white lads:

School Inspection Judgements Vs. Teacher Turnover:

‘Councils beat academy trusts at boosting failing schools’:

Gibb: Grammar schools can’t use condition improvement fund to expand: 

Drop ‘misleading’ school statistic, government told: A former minister disputes the claim that 1.9 million more pupils are now in good or outstanding schools.
Warnings over teacher recruitment and retention crisis:

A secondary school offers parents the chance to take their children out of school for a week in July 2019: School offers children week off in term time

Emotional impact on children as young as six is a “price too high” says a primary school head teacher: National tests bordering on ‘child abuse’ claims head

The equivalent of more than 7,000 full-time teachers left the profession last year: Teacher numbers at lowest since 2013, official figures show

Pay cut for ‘fat cat’ academy chiefs earning more than the Prime Minister:
Off-rolling: using data to see a fuller picture:

A secondary school offers parents the chance to take their children out of school for a week in July 2019:
School offers children week off in term time

Ofsted chief says poor white communities lack ‘aspiration and drive’

Schools in white working-class areas can face multiple problems, says Ofsted’s chief inspector.

Who’s Left 2018, part two: What impact would reweighting school league tables have for multi-academy trusts?:

Sharp rise in missing pupils fuels ‘off-rolling’ fears:

Ofsted chief inspector backs ban on phones in schools:  Amanda Spielman also says she supports punishments such as lines, litter-picking and detention


Private schools ‘abuse charity status’ by giving discounts to richer families:

‘Why I don’t want my child to be an apprentice’:

Oh! What a tangled web we weave…

Sir David Carter: Attainment gap is the ‘civil rights challenge’ of our time

Evidence not rhetoric

The inevitable consequence of the lack of funding, restricted curriculum and a draconian accountability system.

The unintended consequences of Government

‘Unjustifiably high salaries’ paid by some academies

MPs highlight 102 academy trusts in England that pay some trustees over £150,000 a year.
Another free school closing at what cost?
The government is criticised for giving taxpayers’ money to a training provider accused of failing.

Getting the basics right –

Check out this article in TES

St Olave’s Grammar School row head resigns:

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Minister tells small MATs: ‘Team up to grow’

Academy governors in dereliction of duty:

 Why we no longer need Ofsted’s gold star:

Fast-track teaching scheme condemned by academics | HeraldScotland :

Headteacher board elections: the results

EXCLUSIVE: Grey Coat school apologises for donation ‘confusion’:

Nick Gibb: Policymakers ‘put too much pressure on heads to pass floor standards’ :

What Theresa May had to say about schools in her Conservative Party conference speech:

Weekend read: Is growth mindset the new learning styles?:

Disadvantaged pupils learning watered-down curriculum, says Ofsted:

National Audit Office – retaining and developing the teaching workforce

School cutbacks put ‘education system at risk’

Head teachers say government required savings risk destabilising education.

Sats tests: Exam results ‘manipulated for political agenda’

Head teachers express concerns that exam results can be manipulated by politicians and their agencies.

Only 15% of pupils from the poorest 30% of homes in England attend an outstanding primary, says study. (BBC) –

Pupils are struggling with the pressure of a new grading scheme for GCSEs, a teacher union says. (BBC) –

Check out this article in TES

Why is Ofsted ignoring these disappearing students?  What category do these students fall into SEN, FSM, Disadvantaged, Learning Difficulties etc?

Top state schools ‘dominated by richest families’ –

There’s no such thing as ‘British values’ – Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland all teach different things.  Sir Tim Brighouse. 1 March 2017 –

Association of Secondary Headteachers Essex